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Staff Augmentation – Our People Make the Difference

ISG has provided Staff Augmentation services to our diverse client base since our inception.  We provide this service by partnering (as a preferred supplier) with your internally or externally Managed Services Providers and Non-MSP programs.  We have the experience, having served fortune 500 clients and as a Top 10, Tier-1 supplier for many years.  Our team is well versed in the use of the top Vendor Management Software (VMS) tools in the industry.

The rate of change in business has never been faster. Business leaders are focused on leveraging technology to grow and evolve every function of modern business. We assist clients with their aggressive timelines and exhaustive workloads by supplementing their staffing resources through experts assigned for long- and short-term assignments. ISG provides both US based and offshore staffing solutions, making us a flexible partner when cost and quality are equal concerns.

ISG brings expert level consulting resources that cut across various internal verticals including all areas of IT, Finance, HR, Security, Data, Governance, Administration, Procurement, Sales and Marketing.  This includes industry specific resource needs as well, like Healthcare, Finance, Manufacturing, Telecom, Logistics, Energy and Environmental. 

The key areas we focus on when engaging with you through a Staff Augmentation arrangement are:

ISG puts quality and customer service above all else. Our account support teams for Staff Augmentation are comprised of a dedicated Account Manager, Account Coordinator, Human Resource Development Coordinator and accomplished experienced Recruiters.  All members of the team are held accountable for strict SLA/KPI/OKR’s as it relates to the specific objectives of the client.

ISG customizes our client specific recruiting teams with individuals experienced in sourcing requirements related to both your technical and business needs. Our recruiting efforts include utilizing both onshore and ISGG offshore recruiters allowing for 24/x7 coverage.  All recruiters apply ISG’s TechSelect Process when sourcing candidates.

ISG Recruiters goals are aligned with the specific needs of the client.  Many of our clients require submittals for each requirement within 1-2 business days. We submit candidates to 90% of new job requirements and deliver high fill rates. At the same time, all candidates go through a strict screening process to ensure technical and cultural fit.

Our Company TechSelect ProcessTM

TechSelect ProcessTM


What makes our approach unique is the high standards we maintain with large clients as an adaptive and entrepreneurial firm. We have seen many of our larger competitors sacrifice quality for sheer volume by sending numerous candidates who might not be a good fit for the position but just hoping one will stick. We focus on the quality of the candidates we are submitting and strive to exceed all standards or expectations given so that the sourcing process is as efficient as possible.

In addition, all ISG consultants must adhere to individual client Code of Ethics and Business Associate Agreements as defined by the client they are assigned to.

Pay attention to the engagement:  ISG management and the support team will always stay engaged on all assignments and projects, communicating often with client and team members so to maintain a positive pulse for the continued health of the team and the project. 

ISG is committed to keeping turnover at the lowest level possible. We know the responsibility lies with us.   Some key areas we concentrate on include:                                      

  • Hire the right people: It all starts with this, Define the role clearly, maintain transparency and make sure there is a technical and cultural fit.
  • Keep compensation and benefits current:  Provide competitive pay and benefits, stop them from looking
  • Encourage generosity and gratitude: Give employees a sense of ownership, promote social activities with other team members and encourage good behavior
  • Recognize and reward employees: Show your employees they are valued and appreciated by offering them real-time recognition that celebrates their successes and their efforts
  • Provide Flexibility:  We have seen that some workers need a little flexibility in their work life.  Be it some work from home or some flexibility in work schedule goes a long way with keeping them as productive as possible and retained on the assignment.  This is something we address either up front with the client or becomes a special circumstance later in the assignment.  Either way, maintaining transparency between ISG, the employee and our client is crucial.
  • We feel our job is never over as it is related to the relationship we have with our contingent workers.  Of course, we want them to complete each assignment fully and to feel satisfied in the job they have done.  But we also continue our relationship beyond each assignment and have created some very long-standing partnerships with many very good individuals.
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