Single Sourcing

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Single Sourcing – Your Option to Succeed

Single Sourcing is a method whereby consulting services are provided by only one supplier. Traditional sourcing models focus on procuring at least two suppliers for each line of business where clients purchase to ensure continuity of supply and (more so) to foster price competition between the suppliers. A just-in-time (JIT) model will frequently have only one supplier for a purchased service so that close relationships can be established with a smaller number of suppliers. These close strategic relationships (and mutual interdependence) foster high quality, reliability, short lead times, and cooperative action.

When you are looking for a solid partner with the Management and Organizational experience to deliver this type of technical consulting services you can depend on, ISG is your answer. This is especially true when it comes to relying on us as your Single Sourcing Provider. Our organization is well tuned to bring timely exceptional talent to the table in a very cost-effective way, allowing for quick resource acquisition to meet the project needs of our organization.

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