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Onshore – Application Development Center

Do These Challenges Sound Familiar?

It’s Time for a Fresh Alternative

 An On-Shore Application Development Center that helps you utilize top U.S. talent in a secured facility near your operations.

One that could be more agile and cost-efficient than traditional models for contingency labor.

Boomerange Service Model

Built to Win:
The Boomerang Approach

Compliments your offshore and in-house consulting practices

Flexible arrangement for system locations and resources

Provides for Statement-of-Work solutions

Competitive cost structure to expensive professional services

Innovative technique for hiring and resource management

Advantages Coming Back to You!

With Boomerang’s inventive design, you can:

  • Keep your fixed costs minimized and resources flexible
  • Concentrate on new development and evolving technologies, not maintenance.
  • Modify projects on your priority list with relative ease
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